Service standards

We are committed to providing quality service.

Professional, courteous service

We will serve you in a courteous and professional manner.

Customized service

Our advisors will listen to the specifics of your project and make sure that your needs are properly met.

Accessible and responsive service

We will serve you in the official language of your choice.

We will contact you within two business days after receiving your call or email.

Our goal is to minimize the time it takes to respond to your request for information or advice. If the request involves extensive research, we will inform you of the required processing time.

Confidential service

Your file will be handled in a confidential manner.

Timely processing of applications

Our goal is to minimize the time it takes to process financial assistance applications and claim payments.




Acknowledgement of receipt – application

5 days

Acknowledgement of receipt – application for which additional information is required

10 days

Acknowledgement of receipt – online QEDP application

2 days

Financial assistance application decision

Between 35 and 65 days**

Claim processing

Under 25 days

* Calendar days
**Incomplete application: missing information can be submitted within a period of up to 45 days, failing which the file will be closed.

Our results

We will evaluate our performance and we are committed to presenting the results obtained on an annual basis for all our programs. The results for 2017–2018 are as follows:

Average processing time in 2017–2018


Result (average number of days) in
90% of cases

Acknowledgement of receipt

5 days


Acknowledgement of receipt of a request for additional information

10 days


QEDP funding application decision

Between 35 and 65 days 


Processing of a claim under the QEDP

Under 25 days 


Processing of a claim under the CFP

Under 25 days 


* Calendar days
**NB: The statistical function for the sending of an acknowledgement of receipt was not available in 2017–2018; it was automated in 2018.

Meeting your needs

If you have reason to believe that we have failed to meet our commitment to provide quality service, please contact the business office that serves your administrative region, or the Office for Client Satisfaction. You can also complete the online satisfaction survey.

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