Mid-term Evaluation of the Economic Recovery Initiative for Lac-Mégantic: Summary

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Publication author : Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions

ISBN number : 978-0-660-24703-8

Catalog number : Iu90-4/59-1-2018E-PDF

Publish date : March 7, 2018

Summary : This report presents an overview of the results described in the Mid-term Evaluation of the Economic Recovery Initiative for Lac-Mégantic.

Table of Contents

  1. Objective of the Initiative
  2. The Initiative’s Highlights
  3. About the Evaluation
  4. What the Evaluation Highlighted
  5. Recommendations (as agreed upon by management)

Objective of the Initiative

To support the economic recovery of Lac-Mégantic, following the significant damage in the centre of the town caused by the derailment and the explosion of a train carrying 7.5 million of litres of oil.

The Initiative’s Highlights

  • $35 million budget.
  • Three components: i) Direct assistance to the reconstruction of the downtown, ii) Direct assistance for businesses, and iii) Investment funds.
  • As of March 31 2016 :
    • 22 projects approved
    • $21,6 million in grants and contributions were awarded
    • 10 SMEs, Town of Lac-Mégantic and Mégantic CFDC were assisted
    • $5 million investment for the creation of two funds: i) the Economic Stimulus Fund, and ii) the Community Infrastructure Fund.

About the Evaluation

What the Evaluation Highlighted

Recommendations (as agreed upon by management)

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