Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED) encourages the development of Lanaudière business communities by directly assisting this region’s businesses with their projects.CED also helps the organizations that support those businesses.

Southern Lanaudière is characterized by commercial and industrial development driven by urban sprawl in the Montréal area. The region includes businesses in traditional sectors like metal products manufacturing, transportation equipment and agri-food. In the northern part of Lanaudière, the main economic activities are forest products processing and tourism.

Service locations by RCMs

Greater Montréal Business Office

Tel.: 514-283-2500 – 1-855-814-4111
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Consult the business office's regional priorities.

List of RCMs

  • L’Assomption
  • Les Moulins

Mauricie Business Office

Tel.: 819-371-5182 – 1-800-567-8637
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Consult the business office's regional priorities.

List of RCMs

  • D’Autray
  • Joliette
  • Matawinie
  • Montcalm

Our partners in Quebec

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Our regional partners

Consult our network of partners
Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDCs) - Lanaudière

Matawinie CFDC
Tel.: 450-883-0717

D’Autray-Joliette CFDC
Tel.: 450-836-0990 – 1-877-777-0990

Achigan-Montcalm CFDCTel.: 450-839-9218

Tourisme Lanaudière

Tel.: 450-834-2535 - 1-800-363-2788

Société de développement international de Lanaudière (french only)

Adresses all aspects of the internationalization of businesses in the region.

Tel.: 450-841-1199 – 1-866-550-6040

Centres locaux de développement (CLD) - Lanaudière

CLD de la Matawinie
Tel.: 450-834-5222

CLD de la MRC D'Autray
Tel.: 450-836-7028

CLD de la MRC de L'Assomption
Tel.: 450-654-6488

CLD de la MRC de Montcalm
Tel.: 450-831-3777

CLD économique des Moulins
Tel.: 450-477-6464

CLD Joliette
Tel.: 450-752-5566

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