Report on Plans and Priorities 2012-13 - Overview

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Publish date : August 15, 2012


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The object of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec is to promote the long-term economic development of the regions of Quebec.

Each year, the Agency prepares its Report on Plans and Priorities (RPP), which presents its expenditure plan for a three-year period. The report also gives detailed information on the Agency’s main priorities and anticipated results for the coming year, while establishing links with the resources required.

To nurture Quebec’s economic growth, the Agency will intensify its action with respect to business development and continue its support for regional economic development and the strengthening of community economies.

Moreover, the Agency has updated its regional economic development vision. It has also drawn up the Quebec Economic Development Program, in effect since April 1, 2012.

The Agency’s approach is inspired by the best practices identified with respect to regional economic development. It is:

Agency in action

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In the long term, the Agency targets the following strategic outcome:

Quebec’s regions have a growing economy.


The Agency acts in relation to several beneficiaries, predominantly including

The Agency supports them in their development projects primarily by providing financial assistance for project implementation.

With a view to promoting the economic development of Quebec regions and attaining the strategic outcome it has set itself, the Agency has at its disposal several programs, among other things, and implements different temporary initiatives.

Regular program

Canada-wide programs implemented in Quebec by the Agency

Infrastructure Canada delivery partner

Temporary initiatives

Agency planning


The Agency’s priorities and its overall intervention are in line with the Government of Canada’s major priorities, while adjusting to the economic issues and challenges of Quebec enterprises and regions and its management challenges. The Agency’s intervention contributes to the attainment of tangible results so as to encourage the development of SMEs and the regions.

But economic development largely depends, on the one hand, on local and regional enterprises and economic stakeholders who design and execute the projects it supports and, on the other hand, on the economic context. The resulting business opportunities will influence the quantity, scale, timetable and success rate of the projects the Agency supports.

Quebec’s regions have a growing economy.

Agency areas of intervention
Planned spending and human resources1 (in thousands of dollars)
Program activity2 2012-133 2013-14 2014-15
Total planned spending 300,751 228,208 224,871
Human resources in full-time equivalents 359 333 325
Business development 147,706 138,822 139,264
Regional economic development 37,027 34,806 34,916
Strengthening community economies 96,918 35,824 31,935
Internal services 19,100 18,756 18,756

Agency priorities

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In 2012-13, the Agency set itself four priorities established to reflect Government of Canada priorities, economic challenges and issues faced by Quebec SMEs and regions, and the main Departmental risks.

Priority #1: Support Quebec’s economic growth by intensifying support for enterprise development


Support enterprises, particularly SMEs and asset-operating NPOs, by building on:

Priority #2: Support Quebec’s economic growth by continuing support for the regions’ economic development

Support the regions’ economic development, by building on:

Priority #3: Continue strengthening community economies

Support the strengthening of community economies, by:

Priority #4: Continue implementation of the transformation and modernization initiative at the Agency

greenhouse The Agency will do so by:

For further information about Agency priorities, consult the 2012-2013 Report on Plans and Priorities.

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