The vision and grit of Panthera Dental


Company: Panthera Dental

Region: Quebec

Program: The Quebec Economic Development Program (QEPD)

This financial assistance served to: start up the company and commercialize its innovations

Some companies make the choice to venture into untapped sectors. Such is the case with Panthera Dental, a Québec City firm that, founded in 2011 by brothers Gabriel and Bernard Robichaud, has earned itself a name for the unique products it develops and sells to dentists and dental laboratories.   

A lifelong passion

The seed for the adventure on which Gabriel and Bernard would ultimately embark was planted long before they started their company. From an early age, the brothers—whose father and aunt were both dental technicians—developed a deep fascination with the field of dentistry. The path ahead already seemed clear: Gabriel would go on to study industrial robotics, a huge boon for the technology-based company, and Bernard would acquire extensive experience in the sale of dental products. In short, all of the winning conditions were there, as proven by the fact that, today, the 30-employee firm is present on a number of markets, including in Canada, the United States, France and Australia. 

To stand out is to stand strong

Panthera Dental appears to be racking up competitive advantages. The enterprise uses computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD-CAM) technology to create a wide range of dental implant solutions. It is also the only company in Canada to have developed dental devices for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea, its closest market rival located across the ocean in Europe. On top of that, Panthera Dental is the only company in its field that is wholly owned by Quebec interests.

Metallic base structure for a dental implant

Metallic base structure for a dental implant

From innovation to commercialization

With the financial support of Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED), Panthera Dental has succeeded in turning its strategic vision into reality. The assistance it received enabled the firm to take part in industry trade shows and to hire two marketing representatives, each of whom has been assigned to develop a key market. As a result, the SME has made major breakthroughs in Canada and the United States, generating positive spinoffs that are expected to result in the creation of 10 new jobs between now and 2016.

“As a new firm, we had very specific commercial goals and a well-defined vision for the future. The support from Canada Economic Development allowed us to immediately position ourselves in the United States market, which created immediate economic benefits,” says Gabriel Robichaud, president of Panthera Dental.

Gabriel and Bernard Robichaud are never short on cutting-edge ideas, making each one a model in his own right for any inspired and daring entrepreneur. And their company, Panthera Dental, has become not only a reference in the field of dentistry, but also a shining example of how innovation and the decision to tap into an untapped niche can lead to success both here at home and abroad. It is a safe bet that we will be seeing plenty more to come from this firm.

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