Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED) encourages the development of Bas-Saint-Laurent business communities by directly assisting this region's businesses with their projects. CED also helps the organizations that support those businesses.

Bas-Saint-Laurent region covers a territory that encompasses some 100 municipalities boasting, among other things, educational institutions, research centres and an important tourism industry. It is primarily composed of manufacturing firms in the metals, resource processing (forestry, agriculture, peat) and ICTs sectors. Marine and public services complete the economic profile of the territory.

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Bas-Saint-Laurent Business Office

Tel.: 418-722-3282 – 1-800-463-9073
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Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDCs) - Bas-Saint-Laurent

Matapédia CFDC
Tel.: 418-629-4474

Matane Region CFDC
Tel. : 418-562-3171

Mitis CFDC
Tel.: 418-775-4619

De la Neigette CFDC
Tel.: 418-735-2514

Des Basques CFDC
Tel.: 418-851-3172

Rivière-du-Loup CFDC
Tel.: 418-867-4272

Témiscouata CFDC
Tel.: 418-899-0808

Kamouraska CFDC
Tel.: 418-228-8123

Centre Interdisciplinaire de Développement en Cartographie des Océans

Facilitate the economical development of Quebec's maritime region by meeting the needs for innovation, transfer and consulting services in ocean mapping in the marine resources, sciences and technologies niche.

Tel.: 418 725-1732

Innovation maritime

Carried out more than 250 projects involving applied research, technical assistance and information distribution for, or in partnership with, the Canadian marine sector.

Tel.: 418-725-3525

Centre de Recherche sur les Biotechnologies Marines (french only)

Support the industrial growth of the marine biotechnology sector through research, development and technology transfer for life sciences.

Tel.: 1-877-723-2726

Centre de Développement Bioalimentaire du Québec (french only)

Tel.: 418-856-3141


Committed to help increase the competitiveness and innovativeness of companies in the bioproducts industry and to promote economic diversity in rural communities by offering the following services.

Tel.: 418-856-5917 - 1 888 229-2808

Tourisme Bas-Saint-Laurent

Tel.: 418-867-1272 - 1 800 563-5268

SEREX (french only)

With sustainable development in mind, offers forest product processing enterprises scientific and technical assistance, watch and technology transfer services and customized applied research and training services.

Tel.: 418-629-2288

Novika solution

The purpose of this organization is to develop advanced technology products and production processes. It offers enterprises consulting services and a computer-integrated manufacturing development laboratory.

Tel.: 418-856-4350

Technopole Maritime du Québec

Support the development of marine science, technology and biotechnology sectors in Quebec by ensuring its national and international exposure and this, while providing value-added services to its members and supporting for long-term priority projects.

Tel.: 418-724-9616

Québec maritime

Marketing of North Shore, Lower St Lawrence, Gaspé and Magdalen Islands tourism products on international markets.

Innov & Export PME

Helps foster economic development in the Lower St. Lawrence area by supporting the SMEs within the eight RCMs, in terms of development, innovation, marketing and export.

Tel.: 418-724-1565 – 1-800-511-3382 (1574)

Centres locaux de développement (CLD) - Bas-Saint-Laurent
CLD de la Matanie
Tel.: 418-562-1250

CLD de la Matapédia inc.
Tel.: 418-629-4212

MRC de Témiscouata
Tel.: 418-492-1660

CLD de la région de Rivière-du-Loup
Tel.: 418-862-1823

CLD des Basques
Tel.: 418-851-1481

CLD du Kamouraska
Tel.: 418-856-3340

CLD la Mitis
Tel.: 418-775-7089

SOPER Rimouski-Neigette
Tel.: 418-722-4781

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