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Strategic Plan 2021 – For a more innovative, cleaner and inclusive Quebec economy

Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED) Strategic Plan 2021 sets out CED’s key directions until 2021. Working collaboratively with all stakeholders concerned by economic development issues, CED plans to continue its mission by focusing on innovation, clean growth, economic diversity and the development of a more inclusive economy.

CED is there for you: Take a look at a graphic overview of the Strategic Plan


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A graphic overview of CED’s main orientations towards 2021: innovation, clean growth, economic diversity and a more inclusive economy.


Which region of Quebec do you live in? No doubt Canada Economic Development is also there.


Our goal? To work with you right where you live to develop a better performing Quebec economy.


We want to achieve four objectives by 2021 :


To foster innovation and growth in your business whether you're a startup or are ready to conquer new markets.


To encourage your investment in green technologies and projects that help protect the environment.


To diversify the economy of communities by building on their strengths and supporting local entrepreneurship.


And finally to provide indigenous peoples with assistance tailored to their business development needs.


How do we do all this?


By bringing to the table the partners your project needs and by offering interest-free loans for businesses and financial support assistance for nonprofit organizations.


We help you develop, innovate or export.


Yes CED is there for you! Together we will build a Quebec economy of tomorrow: an economy that is more innovative, cleaner and more inclusive.


The end

A unique aspect of this Plan is that it was developed following a consultation process. In 2016, CED launched the Dialogue on the economic development of Quebec regions, consulting with around 1,000 citizens and economic stakeholders. The ideas collected through this Dialogue informed the development of CED’s strategic directions that will guide its actions over the coming years.

Regional intervention strategies

The Plan will be implemented through the Regional intervention strategies developed by CED’s business offices in Quebec’s regions and through the Industrial and Technological Benefits Intervention Strategy, among other things. By considering the needs of its clientele and the unique socio-economic, demographic and geographic features of its region, each business office provides a strategic regional perspective in support of CED’s priorities.

Strategic Plan 2021 at a glance

Diagram presenting the 4 objectives of DEC’s Strategic plan 2021, namely: 1) Support growing and innovative businesses to foster a robust economy and generate high-quality jobs; 2) Support businesses and regions that develop and adopt new technologies participating in a clean-growth economy; 3) Support communities to promote their economic diversification and their participation in an inclusive economy; 4) Foster the participation of Indigenous peoples contributing to the economic growth of Quebec by encouraging entrepreneurship and social innovation. The objectives lead to Regional Intervention Strategies, which then lead to projects supported by CED. Finally, these three levels of information lead to the following impact: a more innovative, clean and inclusive Quebec Economy.
Strategic Plan 2021 at a glance
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